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4-Slot Tissue Cassette Laser Printer


4-Slot Tissue Cassette Laser Printer


  • High Speed:Print 20 Encapsulated Boxes Per Minute

  • High Resolution :Up To 2500dpi

  • High Reliability:Non-Contact Printing,Ultra Low Fault Density

Performance technical parameters

    Advanced Technology

Using UV laser printing technology, without ribbon box ink and other consumables


    Durability And Reliable

The printed QR code is 100% scannable.

The writing printed on the embedded box is resistant to scratching, xylene, alcohol and other organic solvents.

The data of the list to be printed has the function of power off to keep, which will not lose the edited data of the customer.

Embedding box printing point has electromagnet point device, printing point positioning is accurate.


    Stable Performance&Friendly Operation

The front of the machine with open translucent observation window, convenient to observe the printing process, maintenance debugging or other printing needs.

It can support integrated embedded box with cover (non-folding), folded embedded box with cover and ordinary embedded box.

The collector can be left and right for two-way collection. The collection direction can be set by software.

If the printing area is allowed, the number of fields to be printed is not limited

Embedding box printing plane edge or even next to the step can be printed, printing range is larger.

Each field and two-dimensional code can be customized printing gray.

Batch printing, individual printing, two-dimensional code scanning printing, interface input printing, online printing with hospital LIS or HIS and other printing modes.

The interface can edit the field name, the number of fields can be printed is not limited.

Printing software interface includes editing interface, to print list, printed list, alarm list and other functions.

Can manually or automatically select different colors or different specifications of embedded boxes for printing.

The printed information can be exported to a file for convenient statistical analysis.

Print interface can directly edit template.

The color or specifications of 4 feeding tanks can be set in groups. If there are less than 4 kinds of colors or specifications, all 4 feeding tanks can be used.

Equipped with air handling system and automatic cleaning function of pipeline.


    Key Parameters

And 4 feeding racks are rotary, which can load 4 embedded boxes at the same time. Each feeding rack shall be loaded with no less than 50 embedded boxes at a time.

No less than 200 embedded boxes can be loaded at one time.

Can be loaded at the same time 4 different specifications or different colors of embedded boxes.

Can be customized cartridge or tape mounted embedded box for printing.


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